How we are organized?

Independently, like the early church, and grassroots democratic!

The Bethelkirche is self-supporting and with regard to contents autonomous. As a local Evangelical Free Church we are no part of a hierarchical structured organization where a doctrine is handed down from the top to the bottom.

Our highest decision-making body is the parish assembly: Here the members and friends of the Bethelkirche decide about all essential aspects regarding the congregation work. To deal with all the manifold ongoing tasks, the parish assembly elects the congregation council. In addition, the parish assembly appoints the congregation leadership. The congregation leadership deliberates and steers the congregation work. In a pastoral way, they endeavor to care for the congregation and to give it direction.

We avow ourselves to the fundamental values of the baptism faith and we are a member of the Baptist Union in Germany which is recognized as a Christian Church (public body). The Union comprises about 800 local congregations and assumes tasks which extend outside the local congregation and which a congregation on its own could only accomplish with great difficulties; e.g. training of pastors and deacons, world evangelistic activities or disaster assistance.

  • Bethelkirche – at a glance
  • We are the Bethelkirche:
    The word "Bethel" is hebraic and means: house of God. It indicates our building. Our church shall be a place where people can live community with God and with each other.
    The word "Kirche" is German for "church". It indicates the people who enter the building. "Kirche" is derived from the Greek word "kyriaké" which means: that belongs to the Lord.
    We are an
    Evangelical Free Baptist Church:

    We are evangelic(al), because we want to pass on the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and the love of God, to all people with words and actions. That means, the Bible and especially the New Testament are an important benchmark for our life. We believe that the Bible is an aid for our life – while being in private, with each other and with God.

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    The free choice of the individual is important. In our church only those people become members who decided for themselves to do so. Also as a local congregation, we are self-dependent, that means free of any church hierarchy.

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    Only people get baptized who decide for themselves to do so, and who believe with us in the God the Bible gives account of. This baptism, the believer's baptism, has given the Baptists their name. "Baptisma" is Greek for baptist.

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    "Alone you wither...". That's also valid for the faith. We don't want to live our faith alone, but celebrate together with God (worship service), learn from Jesus and follow him (as disciples), pass on the good news (evangelization), help other people (social welfare), and share our experiences, problems and joys with other people (community/congregation).

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