Here, children and teenagers are well taken care of!

Children and teenagers enrich our congregation in great numbers. This is why we have a kids program during each worship service. Sometimes it's presented by our cheeky hand puppet Atze, another time by our pastor or by the staff members of our children's worship service who rummage through the treasure chest and pull out a surprise from its depth.

Afterwards the children go into their own seven worship spaces. This comprises for example the "Aquarium" for the youngest and their parents, with a clear view of the worship hall and audio transmission of the sermon, as well as different age groups such as the "Dolphins", the "Bears" and the junior bible class "Most Wanted". Having left the adult's worship service, all children meet in a shared space to start the children's worship service with a joint prayer. Following this, they go into their respective groups to sing, do handicrafts, listen to stories or play. Our staff members, who have been on training courses, organize and run an age appropriate program for each group.

Our children and teenagers also shape and enrich the adult's worship service. Not just during family and youth worship service, but also through participation in the regular worship services. Teenagers are active in guiding us through the service, and are also actively involved in the music played in the services.. At those times the band can be louder than usual and some songs may be sung in English.

  • Sunday worship – at a glance
  • When?
    Every Sunday at 10am.

    Forststraße 72
    70176 Stuttgart (West)
    Church entrance and cloakroom on the first floor (EG). Worship hall on the second floor (1.OG). Elevator available.

    How long?
    The worship service usually takes about one hour and 15 minutes.

    What about your children?
    Bring them with you! The worship service starts with everyone together, including the children. After a short kids program, the children leave the worship hall and split up into different groups depending on age. If you are visiting us for the first time, just join the children on their way out and speak to a Sunday school teacher.

    What about language?
    The service will be held in German.

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