We love variety!

Whoever visits the worship service at the Bethelkirche will discover that we also represent the variety of our visitors in the format of our worship services. You can enjoy a broad palette of music styles from traditional church organ to a modern band or gospel choir. The same goes for the songs which range from traditionals to pop-style songs. And when our teenagers organize the worship service, you could also be in for a rap performance.

Whoever visits the worship service in the Bethelkirche will also get to know the various forms of spirituality from traditional prayer to a praise and blessings worship service. At the Bethelkirche we live diverse forms of symbolic acts, from blessing to anointment to themed prayer stations. We want to live and express our belief in God manifold and share it with each other.

Naturally, delving deeper into a Bible text is always part of the central activity of our church.

  • Sunday worship – at a glance
  • When?
    Every Sunday at 10am.

    Forststraße 72
    70176 Stuttgart (West)
    Church entrance and cloakroom on the first floor (EG). Worship hall on the second floor (1.OG). Elevator available.

    How long?
    The worship service usually takes about one hour and 15 minutes.

    What about your children?
    Bring them with you! The worship service starts with everyone together, including the children. After a short kids program, the children leave the worship hall and split up into different groups depending on age. If you are visiting us for the first time, just join the children on their way out and speak to a Sunday school teacher.

    What about language?
    The service will be held in German.

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