God welcomes everyone!

Everyone who visits a worship service at the Bethelkirche can be sure to experience the original and not a copy. Our services are as varied and creative as our members. Whether a church member or friend, a child or a guest. God welcomes everyone. Everyone!

The Bethelkirche provides space for this creative variety. We want to carry this belief into Stuttgart's urban area. We want to do our part so that people can experience God’s love and encouragement in their life and to experience the healing power of following Jesus Christ.

We are interested in our visitor's background; not to judge them, but because we take them seriously with their personality and their past. We respect your beliefs, your life style, your origin, your social status as well as your gender and your sexual orientation, and we would love to get to know you.

Whoever comes to a Bethelkirche service as a guest, will soon learn that he or she is a welcome guest. At the entrance to the worship hall, our welcome team greets every visitor and passes out the song book. This person, as well as many other members and friends of the congregation, are available for a chat after the worship service at church coffee.

We are happy that again and again people at the Bethelkirche turn from strangers to guests, and from guests to friends or members.

  • Sunday worship – at a glance
  • When?
    Every Sunday at 10am.

    Forststraße 72
    70176 Stuttgart (West)
    Church entrance and cloakroom on the first floor (EG). Worship hall on the second floor (1.OG). Elevator available.

    How long?
    The worship service usually takes about one hour and 15 minutes.

    What about your children?
    Bring them with you! The worship service starts with everyone together, including the children. After a short kids program, the children leave the worship hall and split up into different groups depending on age. If you are visiting us for the first time, just join the children on their way out and speak to a Sunday school teacher.

    What about language?
    The service will be held in German.

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